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Hunting Adolf Hitler

September 18, 2020 Alexander Gmasz, Garry Levin, Nikolai Schmid Season 2 Episode 28
LTnT - Lifestyle, Travel & Technology
Hunting Adolf Hitler
Show Notes

Introduction to "Hunting Adolf Hitler"

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander and Garry discuss the theory of Adolf Hitler's escape to South America. Alexander tuned in to one of "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast episodes, where Tim Kennedy appeared as a guest and promotes a show, he was a part of - "Hunting Hitler". Tim explains the theory and adds a short backstory for context.

Based on this JRE episode and History channel's TV show "Hunting Hitler" the hosts of the LTnT podcast discuss various areas they picked up watching either TV show or podcast episode. They highlight some overwhelming details like the infamous, supposedly Nazi camp "Colonia Dignidad" now named "Villa Baviera", which is a Bavarian inspired village established by emigrant Germans that fled in post-World War II, known for the internment, torture and murder of dissidents during General Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #1117 - Tim Kennedy
  • History Channel's "Hunting Hitler"
  • Host's stance on the theory
  • Possible escape routes 
  • German settlements in South America 
  • Torture and murder of political prisoners
  • Experimenting on twins 
  • Proud Nazis in South America 
  • Garry's great grandfather fought in the red army in WWII
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Concentration Camps
  • Hitler's "Mein Kampf"

Alexander - "...german tiger tanks were far superior over anything else..."
Garry - " is more about experimenting to see what happens to one twin if they do something to the other twin..."

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