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The Great Corona Depression

July 23, 2020 Alexander Gmasz, Garry Levin, Season 2 Episode 20
LTnT - Lifestyle, Travel & Technology
The Great Corona Depression
Show Notes

Introduction to "The Great Corona Depression"

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander and Garry invited Jakob to the podcast again to talk about a phenomena increasing during the time of the pandemic. Mental health issues such as depression has been increasing due to longer periods of isolation and barely any human contact. This of course can have a massive negative effect on ones mental health.

As Jakob himself had suffered from mental health problems, he felt this topic needed to be addressed, since this issue can turn very serious if left "untreated". In general, it seems the number of people with mental health problems are increasing in the western world, whereas other countries or cultures see it more as a disgrace to the family if one of their family members suffers from this.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Why does Jakob want to talk about this topic
  • Most Americans seem to suffer from mental health issues
  • Jakob's first hand experience
  • Different cultures/nations see mental health in different ways
  • Do Russians tend to be more serious?
  • Anxiety vs Nervousness 
  • Different forms of mental health issues
  • Introvert and Extrovert
  • Able to be by yourself and be happy with yourself 
  • Growing up struggling is good - to an extent
  • Father/Mother reflexes
  • Seek help


Alexander - "...mental health is something, i feel, your are suffering from unwillingly or involuntarily..."
Garry - " your culture deals with mental health. Is it normal to be stressed, is it accepted to have problems?..."
Jakob - "...all of a sudden the things that gave me my boost didn't give me that boost anymore..."

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