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Sex Tourism: Ping Pong Show of Thailand

July 15, 2020 Alexander Gmasz, Garry Levin, Nikolai Schmid Season 2 Episode 19
LTnT - Lifestyle, Travel & Technology
Sex Tourism: Ping Pong Show of Thailand
Show Notes

Introduction to "Sex Tourism: Ping Pong Show of Thailand"

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki talk about a topic, not many are comfortable discussing about, but still needs to be addressed. This episode will be on the infamous Ping Pong Show that you can experience in Thailand.

A few years back, Alexander lived in Bangkok for almost a year with his family, so he is no stranger to what is available in Bangkok or even Thailand as a whole, since he and his family needed to entertain guests and provide these guests with an authentic Thai experience. A lot of people know about the Ping Pong Show as this "performance" that is not really available anywhere else other than in this part of Asia and thus would like to be a part of it. Alexander goes into detail, what exactly happens, how they got there and how the show progresses. He even mentions, why he was unable to continue living in Bangkok and decided to move away from his family.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Amsterdam Red Light District
  • Bangkok
  • Alexander's experience in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Happy Hour
  • Austrian/Viennese Prostitution 
  • Human Trafficking 
  • Jim Jefferies view on prostitution
  • Uniqueness of Bangkok and what it can do to foreigners
  • A common occurrence of foreigners in Bangkok with local women
  • Ping Pong Show - for some a must to experience when visiting Thailand
  • Alexander's mom bringing guests to the Ping Pong Show
  • Pattaya
  • What Alexander experienced when at the Ping Pong Show
    • Act I - Ping Pongs with Basketball Hoops
    • Act II -  Ping Pongs and audience member's mouth
    • Act III - Glass bottles with liquids
    • Act IV - Pickles and Darts
    • Act V - Razor Blades


Alexander - "...each lady had their own act that they were pretty much portraying or                         displaying..."
Garry - "...going through the red light district is part of being a tourist there..."
Nikki - "...this is where human trafficking comes in and plays a big part, because a                   lot of these girls in Vienna they come or they get from the Ukraine,                                 Philippines,..." 

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