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Beers and Brews from around the world

July 09, 2020 Alexander Gmasz, Garry Levin, Nikolai Schmid Season 2 Episode 18
LTnT - Lifestyle, Travel & Technology
Beers and Brews from around the world
Show Notes

Introduction to "Beers and Brews from around the world"

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki talk about a very important topic - BEERS! They talk about all the different beers they have consumed during their travels or while living abroad. There are some beers that have really stood out, whether good or bad.

They compare beers from different countries and talk about their most favorable ones. They also share which beers they would choose, if they were stranded on an island and only had the choice of 3 beers to bring. They also mention a Vienna-based independent nano-brewery, Wappler Brewing, the owner being a good friend of Nikki's. They've even won an award for one of their beers!

Podcast Episode Summary

  • History of Beer
  • Oktoberfest 
  • Beers of different countries 
  • What types of beer Nikki prefers
  • Wappler Brewing 
  • Garry's preference
  • Fischer Bräu
  • Russian Beer
  • Asian beers
  • San Miguel PH
  • South American Beer
  • Stranded Island - which 3 beers would you want to have with you?


Alexander - "...whenever they taste Austrian beer they notice a difference in the taste of it. Locals would say its because of the water we get from the alps..."
Garry - " wouldn't drink a lot of those, you would have like one to try it..."
Nikki - ".. Wappler Brewing, which is their brewery here in Vienna..."

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