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Our TRAIN travel experiences

June 25, 2020 Alexander Gmasz, Garry Levin, Nikolai Schmid Season 2 Episode 16
LTnT - Lifestyle, Travel & Technology
Our TRAIN travel experiences
Show Notes

Introduction to "Our TRAIN travel experiences"

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki share their experiences while they were traveling by train around the world. One of the hosts, even wants to take the train across the whole of Russia. Tune in to find out who would do this.

The hosts talk about some memorable train trips in specific countries/regions they had and share some details that might be different from other countries. They also compare the national trains from European countries and discuss which country is known for their trains almost always being on time.

Podcast Summary

  • Alexander's experiences
  • Nikki's experiences
  • Comfort of train travel
  • Astana train travel
  • European border-less train travel
  • Which country has the most punctual trains in Europe
  • How comfortable is it traveling by train in Austria or in Europe
  • Europe wide train tickets
  • ease of use - train stations are mostly in city centers
  •  Garry's experiences
  • Beautiful scenery while traveling with train
  • Tickets for train travel
  • Travel essentials


Alexander - "...when i was in switzerland, the trains were always delayed..."
Garry - "...anyone who comes to Austria is really happy about the train systrem here..."
Nikki - "...the blue train in South Africa, it goes from Victoria to Capetown..."

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