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Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Event

June 03, 2020 Alexander Gmasz Season 2 Episode 13
LTnT - Lifestyle, Travel & Technology
Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Event
Show Notes

Introduction to "Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Event"

In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, Alexander will be the only one hosting due to unforeseen circumstances. The episode will cover a major event everyone involved with cryptocurrency knows about or at least has heard of - The Bitcoin (BTC) halving event.

Alexander will dive into the topic of the Bitcoin Halving Event answering questions like what is a cryptocurrency? and what is a blockchain? He explains what Bitcoin is and why so many are already involved with the currency. He continues on by explaining how the technology behind Bitcoin works and how there is a reward system for so called "miners". This term will also be explained in the episode.

Alexander ends by summarizing the episode and giving out his suggestion on which platform/broker/exchange he uses and why he chose to stick with this company.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • What is a cryptocurrency?
  • What is a blockchain? blockchain technology?
  • Proof of Work consensus algorithm
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Event
  • Bitcoin Network
  • What does this mean exactly?
  • History of BTC Halving Events
  • Theory of the Halving event and the chain reaction it sets off
  • Where can I buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrency?


Alexander - "...blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency while the cryptocurrency itself is pretty much a medium of exchange..."
Alexander - "...these miners get rewards in the form of Bitcoins..."

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